JavaFX 16 亮点

JavaFX version 16 has been released. We’ve tailored down some of the most exciting parts of the release in this document.

Exciting features:

  • Attenuation has been added for PointLight in JavaFX 3D
  • Performance improvement for all controls using VirtualFlow


  • JavaFX will now warn if any javafx.* modules are loaded from the classpath
  • ImagePattern has been improved to apply SVG pattern transforms
  • Transformation javadoc in Node has been re-written for clarity

Removal and Clean up:

  • Obsolete Pisces rasterizer has been removed

In the bug fix department, you’ll find, among others:

  • Undecorated stage were not being able to be maximized on Linux and MacOS. It has now been fixed in both the places
  • Nested calls to snap methods in Region now gives consistent results
  • At certain DPI scaling levels, control labels used to truncate inside a Dialog. This has been fixed
  • System menu bar now works on macOS Catalina
  • Fix misbehavior on switching skin for:
    • ChoiceBox
    • Labeled
    • ListCell
    • TabPane
    • TreeCell
    • TreeView
  • On Android platform, the keyboard now displays correctly when tapped on a TextInput control

A more comprehensive list of all the changes in JavaFX 16 can be found on Gitee.