JavaFX 18 亮点

JavaFX version 18 has been released. We’ve tailored down some of the most exciting parts of the release in this document.

New features:

  • JavaFX Media now has support for H.265/HEVC
  • Node’s managed property can now be styled using CSS
  • Convenience factory methods for Border and Background


  • JavaFX modules include version information
  • JavaFX Webview supports transparent backgrounds
  • Improvement in selection performance for TableView

Removal and Clean up:

  • JavaFX GTK 2 library has been deprecated for removal

The community came together to fix 74 bugs in the last 6 months with nearly half of them going into the ‘controls’. Following are major bug-fixes that went into 18:

  • Skin and behavior fixes in multiple controls:

    • Misbehavior on switching skin has been fixed for TextField, TableView and TreeTableView
    • NPE on calling startEdit on TextFieldXXCell, TableCell and TreeTableCell
    • Better support for disposing skin elements across controls
  • MediaPlayer had the following fixes:

    • No speakers connected to the PC while playing an mp4 video results in no display
    • Video stops, but audio continues to play when stopTime is reached on MacOS

A more comprehensive list of all the changes in JavaFX 18 can be found on Gitee.