JavaFX 是一个开源的下一代客户端应用平台,适用于基于Java构建的桌面、移动端和嵌入式系统。 它是许多个人和公司的共同努力的成果,目的是为开发丰富的客户端应用提供一个现代、高效、功能齐全的工具包。


JavaFX runtime is available as a platform-specifc SDK, as a number of jmods, and as a set of artifacts in Maven Central.



JavaFX, also known as OpenJFX, is free software; licensed under the GPL with the class path exception, just like the OpenJDK.




Scene Builder

创建美丽的用户界面,并将您的设计变成一个交互式原型。Scene Builder通过创建可直接用于JavaFX应用程序的用户界面,缩小了设计师和开发人员之间的差距。

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Release Notes

JavaFX 11+ 的更新日志


Getting Started

JavaFX 11+ 的快速入门



JavaFX 11+ 的API文档



JavaFX 是一个充满活力和热情的开发者社区。以下是支持JavaFX的国内外工具教程和框架案例。


“I’m excited to see the more folks from the wider Java Community working together with Oracle on JavaFX. This release proves there is a great future for client-side Java development. As an OpenJDK Project , OpenJFX shares much of its principles and infrastructure, leading to a high-quality release that is very well aligned with the upcoming Java 11 release.”

Georges Saab

Georges Saab Vice President, Software Development, Java Platform Group at Oracle

“I am very pleased with the unbundled OpenJFX 11 release, which is now available to developers via maven modules or a standalone SDK. This release is a great example of what can happen with a vibrant community of open-source developers. I look forward to the future of JavaFX as a community-driven project.”

Kevin Rushforth

Kevin Rushforth OpenJFX Project Co-Lead, Oracle

“JavaFX helps us provide the best solution for our customers, and with the new JavaFX 11 we will be even better than before. Thus, we have already started to migrate our projects. As a developer, it is fun to design JavaFX products with all the new potential and options it gives to enhance the customer experience.”

Diego Cirujano Cuesta

Diego Cirujano Cuesta Zeiss Expert Leader - Staff

“I’m very optimistic about JavaFX 11 and beyond. The excellent technical work, including hardware acceleration and first class Java API’s are now combined with modern, open development, testing and integration approaches. The input of new contributors is already showing.”

Johan Vos

Johan Vos OpenJFX Project Co-Lead, Co-founder at Gluon